Signs You Are Long Overdue For A Professional Dental Cleaning

Brushing and flossing have never been enough to keep your teeth and gums healthy. You must attend professional teeth cleaning sessions to keep your gums and teeth healthy. Unfortunately, only a few people take deep dental cleaning seriously. They'll only visit a dentist when they notice the signs discussed here. 

Bad Taste

Have you noticed that your mouth always tastes fishy, even after brushing your teeth after meals? Well, this is an indicator that your teeth need professional deep cleaning. In most cases, the sour taste happens if you haven't had your teeth cleaned by a dentist in years. The taste will continue to linger in your mouth until you get a professional deep dental cleaning.

Discolored Teeth

You might also need professional dental cleaning if your teeth have been losing their whiteness. And as you know, teeth whitening treatment is expensive, and it takes time to get desirable results. That said, you must act fast when you notice that your teeth are starting to discolor. 

However, you don't have to wait for the teeth to discolor to get them cleaned. You must set up one or two appointments with your cosmetic or general dentist every year to get your teeth cleaned.

Bad Breath

Have you noticed that your breath is driving people away no matter how often you brush your teeth? Well, that's an indicator that your teeth need professional cleaning. You may not notice the odor, but your friends can. So, if you notice your friends don't want to get close whenever you talk, visit the dentist immediately. The dentist can solve the problem by simply deep cleaning your teeth to eliminate bacteria and tartar buildup.

Your Gums Bleed Easily

Your gums will likely be affected if you haven't had a dental cleaning in years. Remember that the plaque and tartar buildup will be etched between the gums and teeth. This might make the gums quite sensitive. And when that happens, your gums tend to bleed on every slight impact. Even chewing or brushing could be enough to draw blood from the gums. So, if you start experiencing this, consider getting a dental cleaning before taking further action.

Puffy Gums

Apart from bleeding gums, it's possible to experience swollen gums. And since gums are pretty sensitive, there is a high chance of your gums swelling due to plaque buildup and bacteria. Luckily, professional deep cleaning should solve and prevent future problems.

Don't wait for these signs to appear to get your teeth cleaned. Make it a habit to get a dental cleaning service once every year.

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