3 Types Of Dental Implant Restoration Solutions You Should Know About

Losing a tooth comes with both cosmetic and oral health concerns. And you may struggle to chew your food and pronounce some words. If you have lost a tooth, you have every reason to go for dental implants. They give you a great facial appearance and mend your embarrassing smile. However, getting dental implants is not a one-size-fits-all procedure. They come in different forms. This article will explain the main type of dental implants to help you know what to ask your dentist before you get them.

1. Crown--Single Tooth Replacement

Do you have a damaged tooth? If yes, your dentist may recommend installing a crown. A dental crown is a restoration that covers a weak tooth to improve its strength or correct imperfection. An implant-retained crown is no different. It is only that it is put over a dental implant instead of a real tooth. However, they resemble your natural teeth, and you can eat almost anything without challenges.

2. Bridge--Multiple Teeth Replacement

This is an excellent option if you have lost more than one tooth in the same spot. For example, if you have had a traumatic dental injury. A typical dental bridge is held by the adjacent natural teeth, but an implant-retained bridge relies on the dental implant for support. In this case, two implants can support multiple teeth. They prevent the adjacent teeth from shifting and are functional like real teeth. People may not even note the difference, especially if you visit the leading dental offices.

3. Dentures--Full Arch Replacement

You may be a perfect candidate for implant-anchored dentures if you have lost all of your teeth. This procedure entails replacing a full jaw of teeth with dental implants and dentures. Your dentist may only have to use a few implants to support the arch. But they may use more if your jawbone is weak. Also, if you are anxious that your conventional dentures might fall when eating or speaking, an implant-retained denture is the way to go. They are stable and allow you to chew, laugh, and speak more confidently. The best part is that you won't have to use denture paste anymore.

Different teeth loss situations call for different types of dental implants. And what is a better time to get dental implants than now? Book an appointment with a reliable dentist. They will assess your oral condition and advice on the best option for a healthier and more confident smile.

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