Dental Treatment: 3 Reasons Why You Are Experiencing Tooth Pain

Having a toothache can take all the joy out of your day. Sometimes the pain starts as a dull and distant issue, and in an attempt to remedy the issue quickly, you are likely to medicate it with painkillers. Sadly, the pain does not get better. Instead, the underlying cause festers, and as the pain intensifies, you might find it impossible to carry out your daily activities. These are three main reasons people experience tooth pain and ways to resolve the problem. 

A Cavity

Tooth decay is a leading cause of tooth pain. It usually starts with sensitivity from the enamel wearing out. With time, it exposes the dentin and pulp cavity. Since the cavity contains soft tissue, the pain can be unbearable if bacteria attack it. You will notice that the pain worsens when you eat something sweet or acidic. It is advisable to consult the dentist immediately if you start suspecting that you might have a cavity. If the damage is not extensive, they will clean it and offer you a crown to cover the damage. On the other hand, if you allow the problem to fester, you might have to extract your tooth. 

Wisdom Tooth Impaction

It is also common to experience pain when you have issues with the wisdom teeth. They are usually the last to emerge, and sometimes, they get impacted. Here, the tooth deviates from the upward path and fails to break out of the gum. Instead, it grows towards one side and starts crowding other teeth. The only remedy for a tooth that has taken this course is extraction. The dentist will administer a sedative when carrying out the procedure because it is invasive and painful. However, do not let it fester out of fear, as it will lead to an abscess and excess pain.

Recent Dental Operation

You might also experience tooth pain because of a recent tooth operation. Procedures like whitening and filling can leave your mouth sore and painful, although the pain should disappear after a few days. However, you should call the dentist if you notice the pain is getting worse, especially if accompanied by pus and swelling. Immediate response to complications resulting from a dental procedure can help resolve them in time. 

It is advisable to visit a cosmetic dental care service immediately after you start experiencing tooth pain. An assessment will help them determine whether it is a minor issue or something deeper and serious. Speak to a dentist and find a permanent solution for the pain.

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