Instances When A Dentist May Recommend Dental Veneers

Conscientious oral hygiene significantly helps improve dental health. However, issues in your teeth may still develop due to age, lifestyle, diet, etc. After examining your teeth, a cosmetic dentist may recommend veneers if you're experiencing certain dental issues. The pre-examination helps determine whether veneers will be possible because, for this dental procedure, sturdy tooth enamel is vital. Here are four instances when a dentistry professional may suggest dental veneers:

Worn-Down Teeth

With age, teeth can experience typical wear and tear. In addition, acidic foods and drinks may contribute to worn teeth. Patients who grind or clench teeth at night might also have worn-down teeth. 

If this happens, you might have difficulty chewing or biting food. A cosmetic dentist can place veneers on your teeth to correct this. They do it after conducting tests to see whether the patient qualifies for the procedure.

Stained Teeth 

Frequent use of tobacco and certain beverages can discolor your teeth. Veneers can be viable to remedy this if a dentist recommends it. They professionally position dental veneers to conceal yellow and brown stains on your teeth.

Moreover, you can decide how white you what your veneers to be. To this end, your dentist can help you select those that will complement your appearance.

Cracked or Chipped Teeth

Veneers can help rectify cracked or chipped teeth. These dental covers can help mitigate the risk of exposed nerves that cause sensitivity. If your tooth is chipped, the dentist will, after examining it, make an expression of the tooth and then create a veneer.

Once it's ready, the dentist accurately positions the veneer to restore optimal functionality. Additionally, you achieve a flawless smile, free from broken or damaged teeth.

Spaces in Between Teeth

You might have gaps or spaces between your teeth that make you feel uncomfortable and self-conscious. A cosmetic dentist may recommend veneers to close such gaps, especially if the gaps affect your confidence and self-esteem. You can smile and laugh comfortably after a dentist puts veneers on your teeth. Therefore, this procedure is helpful if you don't like the diastema's appearance, and your front teeth can have the look you desire.

A cosmetic dentistry practitioner may propose veneers if you are experiencing the above problems. This expert can also suggest the right type of veneer for your dental situation. Besides, it would be prudent to talk to a certified professional for proper guidance on how to take care of these dental fixtures. 

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