Common Cosmetic Dental Procedure And Benefits

A perfect smile boosts self-confidence, and that's why you need to maintain a good smile. However, problems such as teeth misalignment and discoloration can interfere with your smile's appearance, ultimately leading to low self-esteem. If you're facing smile problems, you require cosmetic dentistry procedures to restore your smile. Here are the various cosmetic dental services to consider.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is essential if you have stained teeth. The staining usually occurs due to activities like smoking, eating pigmented food, and drinking drinks like red wine. You can get teeth bleaching service at a cosmetic dentistry clinic, or you can carry out the process at home. Ideally, hydrogen peroxide is the primary bleaching agent that eliminates the stains.

Professionals usually use a higher concentration of hydrogen peroxide to whiten the teeth faster. Therefore, you'll probably need a few sessions with the cosmetic dentist to get your teeth whitened completely. However, the longer the exposure of the teeth to the bleaching agent, the higher the risk of tooth sensitivity. This is why home-based teeth bleaching levels have a low hydrogen peroxide concentration to prevent teeth damage. However, home-based teeth whitening is gradual.


Invisalign treatment is effective for treating tooth misalignment. Invisalign aligners are clear trays that gradually move the teeth to the correct position. When you visit a cosmetic dentistry professional, the dentist will get a 3D scan of your dental structure and make a personalized treatment plan. The dentist then places the first set of aligners in the next appointment. Then, you'll change the aligners in subsequent appointments until your teeth become fully aligned. Invisalign treatment provides a better alternative to traditional braces as they're easy to clean, invisible, and don't require frequent adjustment.


When your teeth chip, crack, or develop cavities, this may affect your smile. Failure to treat this damage can result in tooth decay and, ultimately, tooth loss. Fortunately, bonding can help preserve your teeth and enhance their appearance. During bonding, a cosmetic dentistry professional covers the cracks and chipped areas with a composite resin material. The bonding material is the same color as your natural teeth, and most people don't usually notice the material.

Enamel Abrasion

Enamel staining can affect your smile hence the need for enamel abrasion. The process entails rubbing acid-based abrasive agents on the teeth to remove discoloration. The benefits of this procedure are that it's safe, painless, and eliminates stains effectively.

Teeth whitening, Invisalign, bonding, and enamel abrasion are common cosmetic dentistry treatments. Consider these cosmetic dental services to enhance your smile.

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