Opting For A Dental Implant When You Are Missing A Tooth

The loss of a tooth is an extremely stressful situation to experience. While there are dental providers that specialize in restoring the smile of patients that have lost teeth, you might not know the benefits of the various options that are available to you for tooth replacement. Read here to learn why you should choose dental implants and what to expect from the process.

Why Should You Expect The Implant Process To Take Some Time?

Individuals that need to have a tooth replaced will likely want this treatment to be done as quickly as possible. This can limit the embarrassment of missing a tooth along with the speech difficulties that it can create. A dental implant will need a fairly long time in order for it to be successfully placed. These implants will differ from other tooth replacement solutions because they are placed in the actual jaw bone. The process of the implant bonding to the jawbone can take many weeks to complete. During this time, a temporary replacement tooth may be provided to alleviate these issues until the implant has fully healed and the new tooth can be placed.  

What Are Complicating Factors That May Limit Your Ability To Use Implants?

Implants are an effective and durable tooth replacement solution. However, there are some situations that can make it impossible for a person to choose this solution. For example, a person that has suffered serious jaw damage may not be able to use this solution as a result of their jaws being too weak to support the implant. In addition to this type of damage being the result of previous injuries, serious gum disease can also be a reason for a person to be unable to have an implant placed. Your dental care provider will be able to assess the condition of your jaw to determine whether or not you will be a viable candidate for dental implant placement.

Will The New Implant Feel Strange Or Otherwise Be Difficult To Adjust To Having?

Once you have your dental implant placed, you are likely to adjust to this addition far more quickly than you may have anticipated. It can be common for patients to find that they have fully adjusted to the sensation of having a dental implant in a matter of days. This can lead to minimal disruptions before a person is able to enjoy the full range of quality of life benefits that a dental implant will be able to provide them.

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