Signs Your Toddler Needs To See A Pediatric Dental Professional

Your little one should see a dentist soon after their first tooth comes in, or by a year of age. Following this, your child should continue to see the dentist every year or every six months as recommended by their pediatric dental professional.

However, there are times in which it's best for your toddler to go to the dentist outside of their normal schedule. Here is a list of signs that you should watch out for so you know when to take your kids to the dentist for their pediatric dental care outside their normal schedule.

Your toddler has bleeding or sore gums

Gum disease in all forms can afflict patients of all ages, including toddlers. Bleeding or sore gums in your little one can be a sign of gum disease or can be a sign of newly emerging teeth or other gum issues as well. If your little one is complaining of gum pain or has difficulties brushing their teeth because their gums are sore and tender, talk to their pediatric dental practitioner for care and advice.

Your toddler has issues with oral care

Does your toddler gag whenever you brush their teeth? Do they have plaque and tartar forming on their back molars? Will your toddler fight or struggle when you floss their teeth and gums? If you are having issues with your toddler and their oral health care routine and you need different tools for keeping their teeth healthy and strong, you need to call their pediatric dental professional for further assistance. An appointment can be made to help your little one learn new ways they can care for their teeth if traditional measures are not helping.

Your toddler has never been to the dentist

If you have never taken your toddler to the dentist, then that's OK. Many parents who don't take their children into the dentist at a young age claim that age and lack of teeth prevented them from taking their children in sooner. You can catch your child up on their oral health care simply by making an appointment at your pediatric dental clinic so your young one gets the care they need.

When your little one is given the pediatric dentistry care they need, you can rest easy knowing you are caring for your child in all the right ways. If further dental intervention is needed, your child's pediatric dental clinic professional will let you know. This way, you can always be on top of your child's oral care.

For more information, reach out to a local pediatric dentistry clinic.

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