The 2 Main Things Your Dentist Can Do That You Cannot

You might think that there is no reason to visit a general dentist if you currently are not experiencing any problems with your teeth or mouth, but it is not a good idea to just skip your appointments simply because you assume your mouth is fine. Dental visits are very important for your oral health, and part of the reason for this is due to the services a dentist offers during a regular visit that you cannot complete yourself.

A Dentist Can See Your Entire Mouth

Have you ever tried to use a flashlight and a mirror to get a really good look inside your mouth? If so, you probably understand how difficult this is. You might be able to see most of your lower teeth, but you would not be able to see the upper ones very well. Additionally, you will not be able to see the areas that are in between your teeth or your roots and bones, as these parts are hidden.

When you visit a dentist, he or she has the proper tools and equipment to see inside your entire mouth. Dentists can use small handheld tools for this, but they can also take x-rays of your mouth to see the hidden areas that they cannot see with their eyes. Because they have these tools to do this, they are able to see issues with your mouth that you could never see. From this, they are able to spot problems in your mouth long before the problems even cause any effects on you.

A Dentist Can Clean Your Teeth More Thoroughly

While you can brush your teeth well and floss them each day, you do not have access to the tools, equipment, and products that dentists do. These products and tools allow them to clean your teeth much better than you could do, and this main benefit of this is that a dentist is able to remove the plaque from your teeth. Plaque is something that is sticky and builds up on your teeth over time. Failing to remove it will lead to discoloration of the teeth, cavities, gum disease, and other problems.

If you want to prevent cavities and all other oral problems, you will need to get your teeth professionally cleaned from time to time. Dentists only recommend this twice a year, so it will not take up a lot of your time, yet it will help you keep your teeth and mouth much healthier for the rest of your life.

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