Common Symptoms Of A Severe Overbite

The term overbite refers to an orthodontic condition where the top teeth overlap the bottom teeth. While overbites are very common, and many people have a minor overbite, a severe overbite can cause a number of issues. Luckily, a severe overbite can be successfully treated by an orthodontist, and with the correct treatment, the condition can be repaired. The key is to recognize that you have a severe overbite that is causing you problems so you can make an appointment to see an orthodontist for a thorough evaluation. Some of the most common signs of a severe overbite may include:

Hard Time Eating

When the top teeth and the bottom teeth are not properly aligned, it can be quite difficult to eat. A person with a severe overbite may find that he or she has a hard time properly chewing his or her food. A severe overbite can affect both biting and tearing with the front teeth, as well as grinding and chewing with the back molars. There is no reason to live your life having a hard time eating because of a severe overbite — your best bet is to make an appointment to see an orthodontist to learn more about your treatment options.

Jaw Discomfort and Soreness

Jaw positioning plays a major factor in a severe overbite. In many cases, a severe overbite is due to the upper and lower jaw not being the correct size to support a person's teeth and gums. Thus, it is not surprising that many people with a severe overbite experience jaw issues on a regular basis. These issues may include general discomfort and soreness, as well as frequent popping or cracking of the jaws. In some cases, jaw issues may become quite painful. Most people report that their jaw problems are eliminated after they receive the proper treatment for their severe overbite.

Speech Impediments

One major problem attributed to severe overbites is speech impediments. When the upper and lower teeth are not correctly aligned, it can be hard for a person to use his or her mouth and tongue to correctly produce sounds. It is not uncommon for people who have a severe overbite to develop a lisp, although other types of speech impediments are also possible. When it comes to a severe overbite causing speech impediments, it is not a good idea to rely on speech therapy alone. The best way to correct the problem is by receiving the proper orthodontic treatment

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