Tips For Ensuring Your Child Has Healthy Teeth

One concern you may have about your young child is their oral health. As a parent, you are the one responsible for caring for their teeth and helping them develop good oral health habits. Here are a few tips that can help ensure your child has healthy teeth, from when they are born to when they are old enough to brush independently.

Start Before The First Tooth Comes In

You may not be aware that taking care of your child's oral health starts before a single tooth comes in. Make it a part of your daily routine to wipe down their bums with a wet cloth prior to bedtime. Milk has sugar in it that can rest on the gums and cause problems if never cleaned off.

Drink Water After Meals

Another good habit to form is drinking water right after finishing a meal, which helps keep your child's teeth clean throughout the day. Water helps wash away the foods that are left behind on the teeth and will have fluoride in the water that assists with preventing tooth decay. Start this ritual at a young age, and they'll continue it as they get older.

Clean Their Tongue

When doing nightly teeth brushing, you'll want to run the brush over their tongue as well. Tongues contain a lot of bacteria on them that collects during the day, and running the toothbrush over it a few times at the end can help eliminate how much bacteria stays in the mouth while sleeping.

Use A Brushing Timer

It can be difficult to get your kid to brush their teeth for two minutes every single night. It will help to use a timer to ensure that they are meeting the minimum amount of brushing that they should be doing. You can get a simple two-minute timer from the store, download a tooth brushing app on your phone, or even watch a two-minute video on YouTube that shows how to brush your teeth.

Visit A Kid-Friendly Dentist

When the time comes to make their first dentist appointment, consider seeking out a kid-friendly dentist rather than the normal dentist that you go to. It will make the experience much more pleasant for them, making something that feels exciting rather than scary. Even having something as simple as a fun ceiling to look at while sitting in the chair can help make the experience memorable for a child.

For more information, contact your local children's dental care specialist.

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