What to Do about a Cracked Tooth

Did you suddenly crack a tooth and don't know what to do? You should visit a dentist to have them diagnose the problem and let you know their recommended solution. There are several methods that can be used to fix a cracked tooth, and it's important to know more information about them prior to hearing the recommendation from your dentist.


If the tooth crack is fairly minor, your dentist may recommend dental bonding. This removes the part of the tooth that has been cracked and reshapes it with bonding material so that it forms a natural tooth. Dental bonding material is not going to be as strong as a real tooth, but it is a simple solution to minor cracks where most of the tooth is still in place.

For damage that cannot be corrected with dental bonding alone, your dentist can use a metal band to hold the tooth together. The band will be blended in to match the color of your natural tooth, so no one will notice that it's there.

Dental Crown

Another option is to use a dental crown to fix the tooth. This option is going to give your tooth added strength and stability, making it stronger than what can be done with bonding material alone. Your dentist will take what is left of the tooth and shave down the enamel so that a crown can fit on top of it. This will ensure that the crown is the same size as the natural tooth before it was cracked. This will help it blend in with your other teeth. However, the added strength will cause the procedure to cost more money than dental bonding. If a dental bridge is recommended, which is where a fake tooth is suspended between two existing natural teeth, you will need two crowns to hold the bridge in place.

Dental Implant

For situations where the tooth cannot be salvaged and needs to be pulled, your dentist may recommend dental implants. This process involves placing a metal post into the jawbone, and capping it with a crown made out of ceramic material. This provides the most strength to the tooth out of any dental procedure, and it will give you a new tooth that is completely indistinguishable from your other teeth. While dental implants are more expensive than a dental crown, it can give you results that will last a lifetime.

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