Why Choose A Pediatric Dentist For Your Special Needs Child?

When you have a child with special needs, everything new becomes a challenge. Your child is used to routine and familiarity so going to the dentist is a frightening and potentially daunting experience.

Choosing a pediatric dentist can be the best for your special needs child as you seek dental and oral health care. Here are reasons to consider a pediatric dentist for your special needs child.

Specialty Care

Many pediatric dentists undergo additional training to teach them how to deal with children who have physical and emotional delays or difficulties, including those who have cerebral palsy, downs syndrome, autism, sensory processing disorder, and ADHD.

You want a dentist who knows how to anticipate how your child will react in a dentist's chair, particularly when your child has not undergone a specific procedure before. A pediatric dentist with an emphasis on special needs will know how to prepare your child for anything as basic as a cleaning to more complex dental procedures like fillings or other dental work.

Special Environment

Pediatric dentists often design their clinics and exam rooms with children in mind. This means you can expect exam rooms to have fish tanks, video games, televisions or video screens on the ceilings, and fun and distracting decor to keep children entertained. Your primary goal in treating your special needs child at the dentist is to give them an atmosphere where they can feel most comfortable, and a pediatric dentist is able to provide this type of environment for your child.

If your child has reservations about going to the dentist, you can ask the receptionist at your dental clinic if your child can tour the facility prior to their appointment so they can familiarize themselves with equipment and different aspects of the exam room. Your dentist will be happy to assist your child in feeling most comfortable before, during, and after treatment.

Special Treatments

Since your special needs child may have issues with feeding, speaking, or other delays that can make dental treatment more harrowing, seek a pediatric dentist so your loved one can receive specialized treatment revolving around their specific needs. Basic dental treatments can be altered to suit your child's abilities so the experience is most comfortable and better suited for everyone. The right dentist will take your child's special needs seriously. Choose the right kid's dentist for your family and you can enjoy years of less stressful dental checkups.

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