Why It's Time To Upgrade To Porcelain Crowns

Having dental crowns of any variety can restore your teeth to the way they once were, but not all crowns are equal. If you've had metal crowns for years, it's a good idea to switch to porcelain crowns right now. Keep reading to find out why your crowns are due for an upgrade.


Metal crowns used to be far more common than they are these days, as porcelain crowns are more affordable than ever and typically the first choice of most dental patients. Unfortunately, this means that traditional metal crowns and fillings tend to stand out. When you smile, talk, or take a bite to eat, you may be flashing your metal crowns at other people. Chances are, they'll leave an impression on others, but it may not be the kind of impression you want to make.


Many metal dental crowns that were installed in years gone by contain a small amount of mercury. When a crown is in good shape, the mercury should stay well-contained, and there's no absolutely evidence that such a minute quantity of mercury is dangerous enough to make a person sick. However, many people nonetheless feel anxious about it.

Mercury is more likely to leech out of your crown if it becomes damaged or dislodged. While an injury or eating something hard and sticky can potentially do this to your crown, it also becomes more likely the longer you have it. Crowns don't last forever, especially when they're made out of metal.

What to Expect

Getting your crown replaced at a clinic like Thornley Dental is typically an easy process. Your dentist will take special steps to ensure that your existing dental crown doesn't leech any hazardous material while it's being removed.

Once removed, your tooth will be cleaned to get rid of any remaining dental cement from the old crown. Your dentist will also take this opportunity to ensure that your tooth is still healthy. From there, you will be fitted for a new crown, and it will be applied with dental cement.

Once your new crown is firmly in place, you're good to go! You won't have to worry about how your smile looks, nor whether it's having any impact on your health.

Getting new porcelain crowns is one easy way to make yourself feel better about the way your smile looks. If you haven't gotten new crowns in a long time, consider making an appointment to have them replaced now before problems can happen.

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