Common Cosmetic Concerns About Dental Implants

People often consider getting dental implants to replace their missing teeth. However, if part of the reason why you're doing it is to improve your appearance, you might be curious about whether implants will look good once they're finished. Here's what you need to know about the appearance of dental implants.

Installation Process

First and foremost, people sometimes worry that the process of having dental implants installed will change the look of their face. However, you have nothing to worry about. Getting dental implants put in is a relatively simple process, similar to that of having a root canal. While there is some drilling that's typically done in order to set up the titanium post that holds the implant in place, this shouldn't cause any visible changes to the outside of your face. Bruising and swelling almost never happen with dental implant installations, so no one will know you've had work done except you.

Tooth Size

Next, you might be worried that your dental implants could stand out next to your remaining teeth in size or shape. The reality is, dental implants are not a one size fits all kind of fix for your mouth. Your dental crown will be custom-made based on the measurements of your jaw and surrounding teeth. Your dentist will take these measurements and decide which size and shape of implant is right for you when they order them. This information will be sent to a manufacturer, which will make your implant from scratch in order to fit and look as good as possible next to your other teeth.


Lastly, you could be worried about color. Dental implants are made out of the same stuff as dental crowns and veneers: porcelain. This material isn't just strong and sturdy, but imitates the look and sheen of real teeth.

The color of your dental implant is customizable and will be chosen based on the color of your surrounding teeth. If you want your implant to look white and healthy, make sure to work with your dentist to get your teeth whitened or professionally cleaned. This will ensure that your remaining teeth look their best and that the implant will look white and healthy next to them without standing out on its own.

Dental implants can vastly improve your appearance and don't have any real downsides. If you're ready for a cosmetic boost, talk to your dentist to get the process started.

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