Three Ways Your Teeth Are Aging You

Looking youthful means taking good care of your skin and your face, which includes your teeth. Whether you know it or not, your teeth are constantly saying something about your age. Read on to discover the three ways your teeth are giving away how old you are and how a cosmetic dentist can help you to stop it.

Wear and Chipping

As teeth get used to bite, chew, and gnaw, they gradually get damaged in small ways. Perhaps one of your teeth is slightly uneven with its next door neighbor because you bite your nails. Maybe you suffered a minuscule chip out of one of your teeth when you bit into something hard. Whatever it is, damaged teeth make people look old because damage naturally accumulates over time. Young people typically have healthy, intact teeth, and older people tend to have oral health problems like chipped teeth or missing teeth. As a result, even if your skin and face look young, the condition of your teeth could be undermining your appearance and making people think you're older than you are.


Teeth turn yellow as people get older because their enamel wears down. While some people work hard to make their teeth look white as they get older, many others don't. As a result, many people associate discolored teeth with being older.

Receding Gums

Like the above problems, receding gums tend to happen to older people fairly often. They're generally the result of poor gum health, especially over a long period of time. When gums recede, they make your teeth appear longer and more prominent. As the 'long in the tooth' saying goes, longer teeth might make you look older to others.

Getting Help

Cosmetic dentists can fix all of these problems easily and without taking years to do so.

If your teeth are uneven, this can easily be fixed with veneers or simple fillings. Veneers take on the appearance of healthy, white teeth and can be adhered to the front of your existing teeth. You'll improve the look of your smile instantly, taking years off your appearance.

Cosmetic dentists can also whiten teeth and fix receded gums. For gums that are severely receded, a minor surgical procedure that adds new tissue to your gums can be performed, making your teeth look shorter again.

Your teeth don't have to age you. Talk to a dentist if you're feeling like your teeth are making you seem older than you are. Companies like The Smile Architects can help.

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