How People With Discolored Teeth Are Perceived And What Your Dentist Can Do To Help

Discolored teeth, even if they are only mildly yellowed, can have quite an impact on how you are perceived by others. While you may go about not realizing that people are standing away from you or trying to avoid you, the fact is, their reason may be the color of your teeth. Since humans often make assumptions and suppositions about people the minute they meet, you might want to know how you are perceived. Then ask your dentist for solutions to this embarrassing problem.

You Do Not Pay Attention to Your Personal Grooming 

If you have yellowed teeth, some people might perceive you as one who ignores personal grooming and good oral hygiene. For anyone that you want to ask out on a date, this is an immediate turn-off, as the other person is immediately thinking about kissing you and is grossed out by your discolored teeth. He or she may think that if you are that unwilling to clean your teeth, what else are you not cleaning and taking care of, hygiene-wise?

You Are a Smoker

While everything from coffee to colas, tea to cigarettes, and even some foods can make your teeth yellow, there are people that will automatically assume that you are a smoker. If you have ever had someone ask to borrow a cigarette from you, and you are not in a relationship with a smoker, you might wonder why the other person even asked. The yellowness of your teeth alerted the smoker to the possibility that you smoke, and that is what prompted him/her to ask to bum a smoke off of you. What makes this even more embarrassing is if you have bad breath accompanying the yellow teeth or you are seriously anti-smoking.

You Are Poor

While poverty is nothing to be ashamed of, having yellow teeth that give that impression is. Yellowed teeth have long been associated with the lower class since the lower class members are frequently unable to provide for their own oral healthcare needs. If you are actually well off, or at least upper middle class, consider how potential business partners might think that you are dirt poor when you first meet. They might even mistake you for your assistant, rather than a successful business owner.

How Your Dentist Can Change Your Mouth and Others' Perceptions of You

First and foremost, your dentist can do professional teeth whitening. This procedure makes your teeth several times whiter and a nice glistening white. If you want your teeth even whiter, your dentist can make veneers for your teeth. Then your smile would be permanently snow-white. Either way, people's perceptions of you would immediately change for the better.

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