Understanding What Your Dentist Will Do To Help Your Dentures Fit Better

If you have dentures, then you may notice that your false teeth do not feel as comfortable as they should. This is a problem that affects hundreds of Americans and it can lead to poor eating habits and general unhappiness with the way the teeth function. If you think that your dentures are not fitting the way they should, then there are some things that your dental professional can do to help you.


If you have had your partial dentures for some time, then it is likely that your jawbone has started to shrink. The shrinking occurs due to the general deterioration of the jaw. This is something that naturally occurs because the dental roots are no longer present and able to stimulate the formation of new bone cells. 

As the bone shrinks, the gum tissues also shrink and the dentures will no longer sit snugly against the bone ridge. The dentures can then become quite loose. While denture adhesives can be used to fill in the spaces between the dentures and the jaw, they can only be used until the space becomes large. When this happens, the denture cream will no longer be strong enough to fill in the gap and hold the dentures in place.

If denture cream simply does not work anymore, then your dental professional can complete a denture relining. The simplest and easiest relining is a soft one that is completed in the dental office. During the relining, a soft polymer is poured into the dentures and the false teeth are placed back in the mouth. The polymer shapes itself against the jaw ridge and attaches to the acrylic base of your dentures.


If your dentures are extremely loose or if you want a more permanent and complete denture refitting, then a recasting can be completed instead. Recasting involves facial measurements as well as the administration of new casts. The new casts will be sent to a laboratory and so will your dentures. With the casts, a laboratory professional will create a new acrylic base for the dentures.

The recasting is the creation of a new denture base. It is similar to the way the base is created when dentures are first made. However, the process will be simpler because the basic dentures are already constructed. They simply need to be adjusted so they fit better. This means that the recasting will be quite a bit cheaper than having new denture made. Also, fewer fit refinements will need to be completed.  

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