2 Tips To Ease Gum Inflammation Cause By Your Mouthpiece After Scuba Diving

A poor fitting mouthpiece is not only a problem when playing contact sports like football or basketball but it is also an issue when diving. A mouthpiece that is either too small or big will aggravate your gums and cause them to bleed. While the bleeding gums are only temporary, they can result in more permanent problems like jaw joint issues. Therefore, it is important to look for a mouthpiece that fits. Until then, there are a few tips that you can use to help ease gum inflammation caused by your mouthpiece.

Use An Anti-inflammatory Oral Rinse

One of the best ways that you can ease inflammation as possible is with the help of an anti-inflammatory mouthwash. An anti-inflammatory mouthwash contains anti-inflammatory properties. These properties fight inflammation and reduce signs of redness, swelling or bleeding. A few powerhouse anti-inflammatory herbs include chamomile. All of which can be found in your local grocery or home improvement store. Simply soak the herbs in boiling hot water. Wait a few minutes until the water is not longer clear and the mixture is clear. Proceed to use the mixture as you would a commercial rinse. Work it around your mouth and focus on your inflamed gums. Once done, rinse the mixture out with water that is room temperature. Repeat this several times in the day, especially after your meals.

Apply a Cold Ice Pack As Quickly As Possible

If you happen to have ice cubes readily available, then you can use a cold compress to get your inflammation under control after a dive. The moment that you get on the boat or on dry land, apply the ice pack to your inflamed area. Hold it there as long as possible. You may be tempted to remove it once your mouth begins to get numb. However, leave it there as long as possible. Remove the ice pack after several minutes and allow your mouth to rest. Reapply the ice pack on and off for the next hour. Once the ice melts you can refill the icepack with fresh ice or place it in the freezer. You should begin to notice a difference in your inflammation by the end of the day of consistent use.

Gum inflammation should not keep you from taking part in some of the best diving excursions. Therefore, use these tips to ensure that you are able to get a handle on your inflammation. To learn more, contact a dentist like Bruce Mathes DDS

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