What Types Of Things Need To Be Kept Away From Your Clear Aligner Braces?

If you want straighter teeth, then clear aligners are a great choice for you. The aligners are fairly self-explanatory. While the aligners are easy to use and change, you should know that you may make some mistakes when it comes to the types of substances that you place in direct contact with the braces. If you want to know about some of the materials you absolutely should not use on the aligners, then keep reading.

Mouthwash And Denture Cleaners

You probably understand that it is extremely important to clean your clear aligner braces. Cleaning helps to keep the aligners looking clear, and it also keeps the teeth from developing decay. The aligners do form a layer of plaque and mineral buildup over the course of the two week wear period. While a soak can help to get rid of the debris, it is wise to stay away from certain types of soaks. Some soaking agents can actually stain the aligners. This is true of both mouthwash and denture soaks. 

Mouthwash can stain your clear aligners due to the blue, green, or orange coloring agents in the fluid. The alcohol first dries out the plastic in the aligners, and the dyes cling to the dried parts of the braces. When it comes to denture cleaner, the sodium hypochlorite, or bleach, in the solution causes the plastic to oxidize. This forces small white spots to form on the surface of the aligners. 

If you want to soak your aligners safely, use baking soda and vinegar or purchase and use a soaking product meant for clear aligners or retainers.

Hot Water

You probably know that your clear aligners are made from plastic. What you may not understand is that they are formed from something called thermoplastic. Thermoplastic is a material that can be molded into shape by heating it and cooling it down. When the aligners are made, forms are often used and a thermoplastic sheet is molded over a dental form. Sometimes 3D printers are used instead. Both of these manufacturing process require the flexibility of the material.

Unfortunately, this also means that you can accidentally warp or shape the aligners yourself by subjecting them to high levels of heat. It is wise to keep hot water as well as hot beverages away from the aligners to prevent these sorts of issues. You are definitely supposed to take the trays out before eating or drinking anything. This is the best course of action, and only cold or cool water should be consumed with the aligners in your mouth. For more information on cosmetic dentistry treatments, such as braces, find out here.

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