Porcelain Veneers Can Be A Great Dental Option

If you have gone in to see your dentist for problems ranging from permanently yellowed teeth to gaps or even crooked teeth, they may have suggested putting porcelain veneers on them. Porcelain veneers can be a great option for your teeth for a number of reasons. This article will help give you a clearer understanding on what they offer and how they work.

Veneers are made off an exact working replica of your mouth

You will bite on a mold the lab will use to come up with an exact replica of your mouth. Copies of your upper and lower gums and teeth will be attached to a top and bottom base. These bases have a hinge that allows them to open and close just like your mouth. The teeth getting the veneers will be cut out of the base and have posts attached to them so they can come in and out as the techs need to work on them individually. This allows them to check and recheck their work on the model to be sure the veneers will fit your mouth perfectly. They will repeatedly put the tooth back in the model with the veneer on it to match it up the entire time they are working on it.

The dentist will prepare the necessary teeth so the veneers will fit

Before the dentist has you bite on that mold, they will prepare all your teeth that will be having veneers put on them by bringing them down in size to create the necessary free space. If they had to take them down quite a bit, then they will more than likely send you home with temporaries to wear while you wait for your veneers to be completed. This will be so you won't have to go around with very small, odd looking teeth, so your teeth won't be as sensitive, and so you don't run the risk of breaking them in the meantime.

The dentist will put the veneers on and send you on your way with your new set of teeth

The dentist will make sure your teeth are all clean, and then they will cement the veneers onto your teeth one by one. There will be excess cement in your mouth that will need to be cleaned out. The veneers will be polished up and you will be able to go home with your brand new set of teeth that you will be very proud of. Once you leave the office, you will look like you have all of your own teeth, and they will function as if they are natural teeth. You will need to care for them just as you do real teeth though, or they can become damaged and stained just like natural teeth.

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