3 Benefits Of Dental Veneers You Didn't Know About

Are you considering getting porcelain dental veneers to improve your smile? It's a very popular cosmetic dentistry procedure. Who doesn't want a bright, white, straight, and even smile? Veneers can give you all of those things, and without the need to make periodic visits to your dentist for teeth whitening. Veneers from sites like http://www.cretzmeyer.com are a permanent solution to many dental issues. However, did you know that they have more benefits beyond just improving your smile? If you're thinking about getting this cosmetic procedure, you will be getting some unexpected perks along with them. Here are three benefits of dental veneers you never knew existed.

1. Improved Self-Confidence

According to the Huntersville, North Carolina Herald Weekly, dental veneers can boost your self-confidence in a big way. If you've been feeling embarrassed about your crooked, discolored, or unevenly shaped or spaced teeth, veneers will take care of the problem for you.

The beauty of veneers is that they cover up those imperfections in your teeth, creating the illusion of a perfect smile. If you've been smiling with your mouth closed for years, avoiding speaking in public, or won't talk too close to other people, veneers will open up a whole new world for you.

With a brand new, perfect smile, your self-confidence will skyrocket. The embarrassment will go away, and you will feel at ease to smile, laugh, and talk in any social situation.

2. Better Prospects for Success

People who have fallen on hard times in this downward economic climate often have a hard time picking themselves back up again. Sometimes it is because of a lack of available jobs in their field of expertise, but not always. Sometimes, it is because of the conditions of poverty itself.

When people are struggling with money, they often forgo dental appointments, and their teeth suffer. The teeth start to look bad, and this can keep someone from doing well at a job interview. The reasons for this are two-fold:

  • 1. Embarrassment over the way your teeth look can cause you to be shy and demure at a job interview. You won't answer questions as confidently as you might if your teeth looked good, because you will be trying to keep your mouth closed as much as possible. After all, you don't want the interviewer to notice your bad teeth. This makes you come across as socially awkward and not a good candidate for the job.
  • 2. The job interviewer may notice your bad teeth and be turned off by them. The interviewer may think you don't take care of yourself, and equate this to slovenliness on the job. If the job involves working with the public, the interviewer will not want to hire someone with bad teeth to the company. Veneers can increase your chances of getting the job and being prosperous again by making you appear like a desirable candidate.

3. You Won't Be Likely to Cause Further Damage to Your Teeth

When your teeth are crooked, out of alignment, or chipped, it is easy to damage them even more. Just chewing your food can become an exercise in danger, because improperly placed or broken teeth can hit other teeth wrong and damage them. It's really a terrible cycle that only cosmetic dentistry or orthodontics can fix.

Veneers will give your teeth false fronts that cosmetically repair any structural issues. With this issues fixed, you are no longer in danger of causing more damage to your smile. Even better, veneers are stain resistant, so you won't even have to be concerned about them becoming discolored. They will always stay white and bright.


Veneers are more than just a way to make your teeth look better. They have clear psychological, social, and physical benefits. While not everyone is a good candidate for veneers, most adults can use them successfully. If you want to improve your life in ways you never even imagined possible, talk to your dentist today about the possibility of getting veneers.

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